Weekend Beach Getaway to Hikkaduwa! | Sri Lankan Adventures

Hey everyone!

Hope whoever is reading this is having a SUPERB day! I’m currently writing this blog post just as I arrived back home after my adventures in Hikkaduwa. Guys, I think it was one of the best trips I’ve been on, not a single second left us thinking what to do, but rather, we were jumping from activity to activity and food places to food places. This town is a seriously delicious place to grab a bite if you can appreciate good seafood, or heck, just simple artful cooking. I may just be naive saying it, but why can’t Colombo be this diverse? I think it might be because Colombo to us right now is a “been there, done that” sort of place even though I’m sure I haven’t visited even half of the great things we have to do here. So, anyway, in the name of wanting a great weekend getaway from the rat race we call employment, we jumped ship and headed down to Hikkaduwa, and here we are, telling you guys all about it!


We started the drive around 6AM and got to Hikka around 8:30. It doesn’t take this long, but my car, as beautiful as it may be, has to be treated with A LOT of TLC, so we took a slow drive. And, at 6AM on the Southern Express, the sun rising over us was quite the sight (P.S. here I am shamelessly promoting our Instagram page if you want to check our drive pictures – eastwestmusings1).

As usual, us budget-friendly travellers booked a great steal of a place! Camellia Dwellings for only $30 a night! Yeah, it was absolutely amazing, and our host, Paddy, was just the sweetest, not to mention, his place made us feel absolutely at home. Wanting to get right to the exploring, we dropped our baggage at the door and headed on to the sunny streets of Galle Road to see what this place had to offer.

hikkaduwa  (this is me attempting to stand straight but tripping and almost falling)hikkaduwa


One hour, and a chocolate milk later, I was wondering how we were not melting into puddles of human goo right on the tar road. It was HOT. You’d say I’m exaggerating but I could almost (key word: almost) see the heat coming off the paved road). Hot on the heels of desire to get into the cool waters of the sea, we hurried back, got into our swimwear and headed on to the beach.


For a Saturday afternoon, the beach wasn’t too crowded and we loved having some privacy to ourselves. The water wasn’t too murky, shades of blue stretched endlessly across the sea, and the sun rays scattered iridescent glitter onto the water. We stayed in the water for a good hour and a half before we knew our bodies needed feeding after a frenzy of groans from our cookie pouches (read: our stomachs).  After a fantastic review on YAMU, we decided to have a go at some yummy burgers at Nordic House. The menu isn’t spread out, which I think is quite nice. Too many options usually leads to heavy indecision on my part (and rightly annoying my audience) as well as it allows the restaurant to really specialize and create some great gastronomic edible pieces of art. We ordered the Kansas Burger and the Hawaiian Chicken Burger.

A little pause here, maybe it wasn’t the smartest of decisions to order fried chicken when I just got new wires for my braces two days ago, but justifiably, I was feeling adventurous..and burger-ous. Either way, it was delicious but I couldn’t totally enjoy it because at the end of the meal I wanted to pull my teeth with a set of pliers. Either way, my counterpart  ordered the most beautiful burger composed of sir loin beef, bacon, fried onion rings on a soft toasted bun…oh my…it was just looking beyond decadent, and boy, was I jealous of his functional chompers. After a rather unsatisfactory, but satisfactory (if that makes sense) round of lunch, we headed back to Hikka beach!

hikkaduwa hikkaduwa

We got a great (or maybe not, I don’t really know) deal for snorkeling, we spend the last hour of the evening looking through our goggles under the water. I guess this is what you get for only paying Rs. 300 (barely $2), the goggles were slightly dysfunctional with leakages and the one hole in the pipe got me choking salt water like I had a sore throat and my mother was making my gargle salt water (any of your parents made you do that?) But! But, we saw an innocent sea turtle swimming around munching on seaweed. I’ve never seen such a big sea turtle, but it was definitely a memory to keep! We saw some small striped fish and something unidentifiable swim by us, but we thought it was a semi successful trip because we got to sea a cute sea turtle.

After a serious sun burn on our shoulders, we headed back to our room, showered, had a smallish nap and went out around 5:30PM to watch the sunset and catch some seriously inexpensive dinner (considering lunch was a pretty penny to spend). We headed to Narigama beach, a strip about 10 minutes from our Hikkaduwa beach spot. It was absolutely gorgeous here, guys! The scenic views may have something to do with some seriously flexible yogis doin’ their thang on the beach at sunset, but the view in itself was fantastic. My iPhone couldn’t capture the perfection that was this moment, but let me try to explain it as well as I can: Picture turquoise waters reflecting the fiery red colour of the sun as it painted the entire sky in a red glow. The clouds were outlined in the intensity of the colors whilst the grey-white clouds became a beautiful canvas of abstract art. Couples scattered the strip of sand holding hands, taking photographs, and smiling as they watched the day give in to night. It was the very sun we were complaining about giving us a heat stroke just hours before, now stunning us with its glory.

hikkaduwa hikkaduwa

As the sand tickled our toes on our walk across the beach, we came across blissfully happy people playing volleyball whilst some built sand castles and others tried to get the last of a tan from the sun. Some were packing up their belongings to head out as others were catching up on some great cardio exercise (and putting us all to shame) with their beach runs!

We decided to look away from the fit families and headed on to the Top Secret Restaurant for some dinner. We enjoyed the beach front view as we ordered our beer and milkshakes with some delicious chicken noodles and prawn fried rice to make our tummies sing! There wasn’t anything unique about the food, but it made us happy and that’s all we wanted. We talked about happy days, our favorite part of the trip so far, and just about life in general.

hikkaduwa hikkaduwa hikkaduwa
hikkaduwa hikkaduwahikkaduwa

We got back to our room after dinner pretty early, and headed right to sleep around 10PM to wake up for an early breakfast. We had ambitious plans of waking up at 6AM…but we only got out of the house for breakfast after 8. Yeah, we’re still trying to pretend we’re proactive humans before the crack of dawn. We decided to try some deliciousness at Salty Swamis down the beach strip after seeing some mouth watering Instagram pictures of this place as well as a stellar YAMU review, thus walked on over there for breakfast.

We ordered the roasted pork belly atop a corn and miso puree and a poached egg, as well as a salmon and cherry tomato chili scramble on a soft bun. OH MY GOODNESS. Life does not get any better than breakfast here at Salty Swamis. The corn and miso puree was a delicious mix of buttery goodness, a spot of sweetness, and a creamy profile. And the scramble too was just to die for (and I seriously kid you not, guys!) The salmon was soft pink with a milky scrambled egg giving a mouthful of flavors and the cherry tomatoes giving that kick of fresh zing! Of course, we were a greedy bunch and decided to order a plate of hotcakes with a berry compote and white chocolate, mint, and treacle. We could barely finish this as it was so rich. The cakes were cloudlike with weightless softness, and the berry compote was sweet with the right touch of sour to hit the back of your mouth with a shock of flavor. The lychee was a sweet addition, too! We have absolutely no complaints about this breakfast, none whatsoever!

hikkaduwa hikkaduwahikkaduwa hikkaduwa hikkaduwa

Once we were full to the brim after eating our bodyweight in yumminess, we decided to head on to the waters for one final float before calling it a day and heading home. We joked around, talked about the trip as a whole, and once again, enjoyed the silence as we watched little children surfing (they were quite good, to say the least), and couples, friends, and families enjoying the sun, the sand, and the cool waters of the island life.


We dried off, headed back to our room to get our belongings to start the trip back home. This weekend getaway was something we needed to get away from work, and recharge before we dive right back into it! It was, to put it in one word, supiri (aka, super). I’m a few shades darker, and a lot happier than I was before the weekend started! I was reminded that in my post on Galle, that I  had wished I could stay the night to see the day give in to evening and watch the stars blaze the sky, and we did. We watched stars shine bright, the moon even brighter, and our smiles, the brightest. We were so grateful to have been able to go on this amazing journey with nothing but adventures and happy tummies to bring home!

Woah, this is a long post. But if you read it this far, THANK YOU!

I’ll see you guys very soon!



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