Pancake Parlour | MEL

Hi everyone!

If you live in Melbourne, then you know this place. Its famous for its fluffy, delicious pancakes! The ambiance is cosy and spacious. It has a lot of locations and some are 24/7 which is great. I have gone late night and been there till 3 am with friends. Its awesome to just sit and chat for hours whilst eating yummy food.

The pictures in this post are from different times I have been to this place. I have tried a range of their pancakes and crepes. I tried a dessert recently too. To start with, the dishes below are Alice Wonderland (one with sprinkles), minced beef crepe, lemon berry pancakes, Mexican chicken crepe and hot balls. Most of these were delicious! The lemon berry pancake has a good balance of citrus to sweet. Lemon and berry are a good match so it can’t go wrong. The Mexican chicken crepe was amazing but the beef crepe was average. If you want some pancakes with less going on, go for the short cakes which is 2 pancakes with a scoop of ice cream and syrup. The hot ball is yummy. Its summer in Melbourne right now and therefore they have summer parlour. If you sign up, you get a free ice cream or drink or whatever is on offer that week for free as long as the temperature hits 30 degrees. I have had the hot ball twice and I know its a lot of calories (Goodbye workout)  but when its 36 degrees, having this is the best! Cools you down right away. Even though they have great food, it is on the expensive side. They do have deals which is mostly when we go (Living the student life haha).

It is definitely worth trying! Their website is here.



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  1. threebrits says:

    Oh wow looks amazing!!

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