New Year’s Eve 2016 | Sri Lankan Adventures

Hey everyone!


If you follow us on Instagram (which, incidentally, you should), you’ll know that we were in Negambo for the New Year! Yes, yes, we were there last New Year’s, as well, however, the experience was quite different, yet nonetheless exciting! I think this time ‘round it was much more relaxed as the New Year celebrations fell on a weekend, so there was room for recovery! The most exciting part was the food as we made it a point to eat out every meal, and we did!

We started our journey at 8AM and reached Negambo around 10AM. As we exited the express way and towards the city, I felt a feeling of relief. I’ve been busy up to my eyeballs with work as we closed the seasonal sales. So, as I took in the people and the sun in Negambo, it was such a feeling of relaxation. A weekend without work (or not much, at least!). We checked in to the Marine Tourist Guest House in Negambo. The place was super budget-friendly considering we booked a place for New Year’s Eve, just two weeks before the big weekend! For the price we paid, we really liked the place. It was on Lewis Place, which was the center of all the parties, and incidentally, it was right across the place we stayed last year! Who knew!

Check-in was towards the later part of the afternoon, so we decided to take a stroll along the beach. It was warm and the sand felt amazing under my toes. The sea was a few degrees colder and complemented the heat. We walked quite a ways along the beach simply enjoying the cloudless skies and the golden sand.

Around 11:30, we were starving, and thought lunch was a smart idea (don’t judge us for eating lunch so early…we didn’t have breakfast!!). We walked past a small pizzeria on our way to the beach and wanted to try it out, so we headed there for lunch. To be honest, we waited about 35-40 minutes for our pizza and spring rolls, but we didn’t mind one bit. We were talking about everything and nothing. We were having a laugh, and the kind owner gave us a free drink, as well. We ordered the vegetable spring rolls and hot butter chicken pizza. We’ve never tried this combination of pizza, and to be honest, guys, I was rather reluctant. I wanted to go for the devilled chicken pizza simply because that’s  my go-to order at PizzaHut and I thought I’d stick to something safe. However, my opinion was shot to hell in the name of trying something new and we went ahead with the hot butter chicken pizza. 40 minutes later, the pizza arrives. *deep breaths* guys, this pizza was beyond delicious. It was cheesy, it was gooey, it was onion-y, it was bell peppery and it was all sorts of amazing. As a general rule, all Sri Lankan’s love hot butter cuttlefish – so hot butter chicken seemed like a delicious idea, and boy, we weren’t wrong (or my counterpart who ordered it wasn’t!). The spring rolls weren’t as good, but we didn’t care because the pizza more than made up for it.

Around 12:30, we were lucky enough to check in and we took a quick shower and with so much pizza in our tummies, we accidentally (read: purposefully) fell onto the bed for a smallish nap. We knew the evening would be packed so we wanted to energize. Justified, right? Right. Around 3PM we met up with some of our cousins and decided an early dinner was the way to go to leave from for the alcohol later that evening.

We logged onto the trusty YAMU phone app and checked out this place called Bijou Restaurant – Swiss/German (not sure which one) restaurant. It was an antique looking restaurant with German fiction books lining the walls. We ordered the King Prawns in Garlic Butter and the Grilled Chicken and Salad. Good. Lord. It was all good. I didn’t want much of a filling dish so the grilled chicken was yum. The king prawns, though, took the cake with tender meat sitting so succulently in its shell. We got our hands messy as we dipped it in the garlic butter and rice. It was pure deliciousness, so thumbs up for a great recommendation!

Full to the brim and happy as clams (har, har, you like my puns?), we walked a few minutes to meet our friends at a hotel down the street. I had a trusty gin and tonic to get my evening started and we had a laugh over our two-left-feet-ness and the good ol’ days (i.e. just what we got up to in 2016).

Around 7:30PM we decided to say goodbye and go our way back to our room. We talked, laughed, and got ready to head out around 9:30PM. Of course, me being me, as we found a choice location to park our car in the midst of the busy celebrations for the New Year, I forgot my wallet. Yeah, I’m the one who will always forget something and make everyone hate me as I beg to go back. Just in time, though, we found another spot after getting my wallet and we walked passed the pubs along the main street.

Rodeo Pub was way too crowded, but the party was lit (yes, I used the word lit) at Serendib. Unlike last year, though, we had to pay an entrance fee, but the music was worth it. We had a few ABBA songs thrown in with some modern pop and some calssic 80’s and 90’s music. I couldn’t be happer as I was downing tequila shots and getting my groove on the dance floor. Midnight struck and we hugged and kissed while laughing and smiling our way into 2017.

We took a breather from the dance floor and sat by the benches fancing the beach and talked about our hopes, dreams, and goals for 2017. Then we danced a bit more and around 2AM we called it a night.

We woke up around 8AM and checked out of our hotel early. We wanted to catch a good breakfast and some sunny beach love before we headed back into Colombo. We stopped by this popular Pancake House right by our guest house, and ordered a round of savory and sweet pancakes. We got the spicy sausage pancake and the banana pancake with vanilla ice-cream and honey drizzled all over. *another deep breath* Guys, I inhaled that pancake. It was beyond delicious and I was commended (grudingly, might I add), for my choice from the menu. It was yummy sausage with onions and peppers and all sorts of delicousness. I am ridiculously hungry as I am talking about these pancakes. Life is fair like that, huh.

We said goodbye to our morning hunger pangs (but hello to more right now) and caught some sun before we headed back to Colombo. Negambo is not the sleepy town it used to be, or at least, wasn’t very sleepy during the New Year weekend, but we loved it nonetheless. The food was great, the company was amazing, and we couldn’t by happier waving goodbye to 2016! So, here’s to a New Year, and more love and laughter!

I hope you guys had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and an even better start to the New Year!



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