My Top Drugstore Makeup Products Pt. 3

Hey guys!

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This post has been way overdue, guys, and I’m super sorry about that. I had this in draft mode for the longest time, and I just haven’t had the time to review it and I was just unhappy with the images I had on this one. Anyway, I finally got around to fixing it up, and here it is! Hope you enjoy!

  1. In a recent post I mentioned my new found love for the CoverGirl Trunaked Goldens palette, and today I want to talk about the Roses palette. I’ve been wearing some shades from this palette, and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments! As with the Goldens palette, it is a little powdery, but for a $12-odd palette, I think it’s worth the money. I have a few swatches for you, so you can see the color! I love the shimmer colors for a soft spring/summer look! I’m planning on a look with this palette, so keep tuned for more! My favorite mix of these colors has to be the combination of Champaign and Rose Gold (second and fourth colors in the palette going from the left).Covergirl TruNaked Roses Covergirl TruNaked Roses Covergirl TruNaked Roses
  2. I realized that I’ve mentioned Wet N Wild in every one of my posts so far, but I can’t stay away! It’s ridiculously affordable and some products have great quality! So, this post is dedicated to their brushes. I have some original black-handled brushes as well as the new pink-tinted ones! I love the new line. The brushes are soft and I’ve experienced very little fall out. The foundation brush blends in my foundation very well. The flat top brush is a little harsh on the skin, but for $2.99, who the heck is complaining?! It picks up product very well and I use it to powder my face. The eyeshadow brushes are great for packing on color on to the lid. The bristles are really soft and it holds mist sprays very well when you want to dip it in to a powdery eyeshadow.Wet N Wild Brushes Wet N Wild Brushes
  3. I haven’t really tried much of Jordana cosmetics, so last month I decided to give it a go. I purchased three of their Modern Matte lipsticks. They’re more of a creamy matte, and I love this type of lipsticks. They don’t dry out my lips at all! I have to say though, the staying power isn’t very high because it bleeds after about 3-4 hours especially after I eat or drink something. But the pigmentation of the colors have been great! The colors that I’ve been loving are: Matte Bare, Matte Frappuccino, & Matte Dare. My favorite color has to be the Matte Frappuccino because it’s such a beautiful brown-toned nude lipstick for my skin color (third photograph). I’ve gotten so many compliments on this and it’s a great color if you want something on your lips but don’t want to overboard with it. I usually pair this up when I wear a heavy smokey eye so that the focus is on my eyes. Matte Dare is a beautiful deep purple color (first photograph) and it’s a great color if you want to experiment with darker colors. It’s comparable to the Wet N Wild’s Cherry Bomb, but Matte Dare has more purple than red tones in it. Matte Bare is a pink-toned nude lipstick (second photograph). I usually don’t wear this on its own because it’s too pink for my skin color, but I usually mix it with the Matte Frappucino to get a pink-brown toned nude lipstick!Β  Jordana Modern Matte Jordan Modern Matte Swatcheseastwestmusings lip color eastwestmusings lip color eastwestmusings lip color

These are the products I’ve been loving from the drugstore! I hope you guys find this informative and I will be back very soon!



Kavi x

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    1. Yes! And they’re really inexpensive! You should definitely give it a try if you get your hands on them! xx


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