Go-Karting & Beach Adventures Down South | Sri Lankan Adventures

Hi Guys,

It’s a four day weekend here in the tropics! I’ve been counting down the days since September for this holiday so I could get some shut eye, a few tan lines (read: I don’t get tanned :(), and some good food! This weekend, I’ve been bombarded with things to do – bridesmaid saree fittings, weddings, and also a sneaky little trip down south. And that is exactly what this blog post is going to be about – the adventures down south with some of the most amazing people!

Our departure was supposed to commence at 8:30AM. I’d say we were fashionably late, but I think we’ve overused that term by now! We left Colombo around 9:15AM, and got on to the Southern Expressway. Our first stop was at the Go Karting Center in Bandaragama. Now, you may not know this but I had an unsightly accident five years ago on a go-karting track they left me scarred for life. So let me start off by saying that reading the fine print on the waiver form was a tad nerve racking. Slightly (read: a heck ton). But, YOLO amiright? No, not really, guys. I was honestly ridiculously nervous, but it has been five years, and I was going to (wo)man up to my fears. So I signed the waiver and headed on to the track with the rest of the squad for the day. Got my gear on, looking rather bobblehead-y with my old gym trainers (no, I was not going to put me feet into a rando pair of smelly shoes). I got on to the kart, and the guy gave me the signal to go. Suffice to say, everyone overtook me despite the fact that I was the second one in line to go on the track. I only completed a total of 10 laps whilst everyone else went all over-achiever on me to complete around 13. It’s okay, all in the name of getting over fears right? It was kind of exhilarating, guys. I don’t know, it kind of made me feel a little awesome, my own little fantasy of driving fast (because I’m the type of person who drives with both hands on the wheel all the while constantly looking at all side and rear-view mirrors when I’m on the road). I heavily braked on the turns while everyone else was zooming past me (hey, I was just trynna be safe, guys). Nevertheless, I can actually say it ended all too fast, and I was genuinely happy I didn’t say no to this experience.

By around 11 we were ravenous, and headed to Heritence Hotel in Ahungalla, which is about an hour and a bit away from the Go Karting Center. ย The place is quite beautiful, with the pool basically on the beach, making it an ideal beach vacay spot!

We paid for a days worth of relaxing and went straight to the buffet (this is after deciding a la carte was too pricey for budget friendly peeps like us – also with unimaginable stretching capacities in our tummies ordering just wouldn’t make the cut). Plate after plate of delicious goodness was almost just inhaled. Here, I almost felt a tinge of guilt as I said goodbye to my gym diet for a few hours. Noticed that I said almost? Not actually, Har-har. Staying true to the Sri Lankan-ness in ourselves, we ordered a good cuppa tea to soothe the heavy stomachs, and headed to the pool. Let’s just say we didn’t look all too good in swimsuits after consuming a whole buffet worth of food, but who cares. Holidays are for (over)eating and fun. We got into the pool and lazed around, giving away into the soothing cool waters as the sun beat down on us. A few blind spots in my eyes later, some of us decided to head to the beach only a meters’ distance away and watch the sun set whilst some of us lazy people (may or may not have been me) decided to flop on to some lounge chaises and sleep the evening away (after ordering a plate of fries…).

As the day gave into night, all of us huddled and talked about everything and nothing. We talked about our plans for New Years’ Eve and made little jabs at each other. As lunch came close to digestion, we got ready and drove down to Hikkaduwa, a strip of beach around 20 minutes out. We parked the car and walked along the main road while scouting for a place to eat. We ended up at a small Rotty Shop Shack with some of the best Chicken & Cheese Kottu I’ve tasted. I loved every bit of it, and had no regrets piling on the calories. Looking for a cheap and delicious meal? Our dinner cost us Rs. 300 (barely USD 2) per person. Yep, I said it.

Closer to 10PM, we headed back into Colombo. It was a great day trip to forget the worries of everyday life and spend it with some of the most real people who’ve come into my life. It was a laugh, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the festive month brings.

Looking forward to my next post!

Sri Lanka Adventures - Ahungalla & Hikkaduwaac Sri Lanka Adventures - Ahungalla & Hikkaduwaac img_5366ย Sri Lanka Adventures - Ahungalla & Hikkaduwaac Sri Lanka Adventures - Ahungalla & Hikkaduwaac Sri Lanka Adventures - Ahungalla & Hikkaduwaac Sri Lanka Adventures - Ahungalla & Hikkaduwaac Sri Lanka Adventures - Ahungalla & Hikkaduwaac

With Love,


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