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Hi Guys!

Now that I’m permanently based in Sunny Colombo, I’ve been exploring the food scene a tad more than usual. Work has been (surprisingly enjoyably) hectic, which is why the EWM blog looks a little lonely! Worry no more, I’m going to make it a point to have something up at least once a week. Don’t hold me to it though, guys! Christmas is a crazy busy month for me! Anyway, on to the meat of the post, something I’ve been meaning to review is the famed Dilmah Tea Lounge. I’ve only been to the one at Arcade, but there’s another spot up in Negambo, as well.

The tea lounge here is a cozy one, with a cool atmosphere and light music that gives the whole place a tranquil feel even though its nestled in the heart of Colombo. It’s quite difficult to find a seat here on the weekends as it is a classic place for a good cup of tea with friends, or the hip peeps that come by to do their work at cafes (that may or may not have been me a time or two, but I wouldn’t classify myself as hip…at all). It’s a small little place, but with high ceilings it gives the illusion of space, as well.

So, how about the food? I’ve tried their crepes, waffles, and of course, the teas (cold and hot), and it gets an above average rating! The cinnamon milk tea is by far my favorite hot tea. It’s reaaalllyyy sweet, but not so much so that it overwhelms the whole taste. The cinnamon gives a nutty kick, and the warmth is great on any cloudy day. The iced teas are pretty well done, as well. It has a light taste, with the specialty fruit or spice apparent throughout. For the waffles, my fave is the Tandoori chicken waffle. Firstly, waffles and chicken is a bomb of a combination, and two, tandoori chicken and waffles, that’s like heaven. The succulent meat on top of crispy waffles is an indulgent lunch,  and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Their crepes are equally delicious. I’ve gone for the  savory crepes, and they’re pretty good themselves. We got the spicy chicken crepe, and it was well done, but the crepe was a tad bit soggy. The chicken was juicy, which may have been why the crepe wasn’t very crisp, but overall, it was palatable with a wonderful spicy kick.

I highly recommend this place, as it is decently priced with an ambience for a date, a meet up with friends, or a chilled out tea time with the fam! I hope you guys go visit if you’re in the area (any Sri Lankans I’m sure have as it is a well known place!)

t-lounge by dilemma t-Lounge by Dilmaha t-Lounge by Dilmaha t-Lounge by Dilmaha

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