Oriental Spoon | MEL


My friend really loves Korean food and she wanted me to try this place out and I was not disappointed. The food was delicious! You get 3 sides as a compliment when you place your order. These were pretty good. We got the cheese bul dak sizzling and toppokki. These dishes were recommended by my friend who has been to this place before. I was the newbie. Toppokki includes ramen noodles, rice cake, fish cake, boiled egg, spring onion and glazed with chilli paste. This was quite yummy. It is not overly spicy and the rice and fish cakes were nice and soft. I preferred the cheese bul dak sizzling which is a stir fried chicken in extremely spicy sauce with chilli, onion, garlic and mozzarella cheese. There is a less spicy version which has no cheese but of course we picked the spicer one. This was delicious! It comes with a portion of rice on the side. It is a large portion of chicken. It is served while its sizzling. I really enjoyed this one. The dishes seem a little pricey but the portion size makes up for it. There were more dishes I wanted to try so I will go back to try them out.

They have a few spots around the city. Click here for their website.



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