Hash Speciality Coffee & Roasters | MEL

Hey everyone!

I have finally made some time to go around Melbourne and try out some new cafes. I have heard so many good things about this place but couldn’t find time to go visit. It is in the city and I live in the suburbs so its an hour away from me. However I saw pictures of their famous hot chocolate and I had to try it.  The ambience was good and its nice and warm inside. Always a good thing during winter. The food and the hot chocolate was amazing!! I went with a few friends and we had the creme brûlée french toast, pork benedict and hot chocolates. We had to wait 10 minutes just to get a table inside. It is that busy. It was worth the wait. I’ll break down each dish for you.

The pulled pork benedict was delectable. The meat it self was succulent and the hollandaise sauce was delicious. I love that the bread was not overly crunchy which made it easy to cut through. The french toast was yummy. I loved it because the balance of sweetness was perfect. The berry mascarpone was so tasty that I could probably just eat that on its own (haha). It wasn’t very sweet so it was the perfect compliment to cut across the sugar glazed french toast which was fluffy. The hot chocolate had a little theatre to it as we had to pour the hot chocolate over the candy floss. This resulted in it melting and dissolving in the dark, rich and thick hot chocolate. For anyone who loves dark chocolate, this is for you! But if you don’t like dark chocolate at all I would not recommend this for you. The consistency was great! However, the dishes are a little on the pricey side but I feel like its worth it.

I will definitely visit again soon!

Address: 113 Hardware Street, CBD, Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne you should check it out!



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