#The Power of Makeup

Hi guys!

I’m sure by now that most of you know what this post will be about given the title, The Power of Makeup.  This topic really blew up after the beautiful makeup guru NikkieTutorials posted a video with the hashtag #thepowerofmakeup, and women and men worldwide posted their versions of it. Here’s a link to NikkieTutorial’s video if any of you guys are interested. Whilst there are countless posts, videos, and articles about this exact topic, I feel as if there can’t be too many.  For some, makeup is an unheard form of art, but for others, it’s part of their every day lives. As for me, I fall somewhere in the middle.

I’ve only discovered the full extent of makeup in the recent years, and around the time I started college. I don’t want to drag you guys into my past, so I’m going make this back story part as short as I can. So, right after high school my skin started to break out, and I was having a ridiculous hormonal imbalance. That’s when I was most conscious of my skin and I would do anything to make it go away. I wanted to backtrack to the period of my life when my skin was clear and I didn’t wear a speck of makeup. It took years for me to be comfortable in my own skin, and there were a lot of tears and heart-to-hearts with my mother. No matter how much people said it was “normal” to have acne, it’s always been such a social construct that acne was just a negative thing, no matter the severity (or lack) of it.

The Power of Makeup

As I entered college, I really began to experiment with makeup. I loved how it could even out my skin tone and cover my acne scars. Then, fast forward a few years, and I’ve accepted the imperfection of my skin. Why am I crying over something I have no control of? I didn’t want to feel sorry for myself or be envious of everyone who had crystal clear skin. So essentially, acne was my door to the world of makeup, and from then onwards, I began to venture out and experiment with other types of makeup. Originally, I only used foundations and concealers, but now I’m trying out all sorts of makeup products, from lips to eyes to skin.

I’ve come across a few men (and women) in my life who love the natural no makeup look and say hurtful things to those who wear makeup (a lot or even a little). And I’m glad they have their own preferences, but for men and women who use makeup to feel empowered, to feel confident, or who just love makeup as just a form of art, an expression, or even as a hobby; they don’t deserve that negativity.  There are days I wear absolutely no makeup and I’m comfortable with that, and then there are days I go all out and I love that just as much.  Makeup gives me so much confidence, and that’s not a bad thing at all. I feel so proud when I pull off an amazing cat-eye, and when I get my contouring just right.The Power of Makeup

With or without makeup, everyone’s beautiful. But for those of us who use makeup, don’t judge us. If makeup is a way to reduce feeling insecure, then power to you. If makeup is a hobby, or a passion,  then power to you. If makeup is form of expression, then power to you. For any other reason, then power to you.

Power to you, ladies and gentlemen.




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  1. CheetahRose says:

    You are stunning either way … And I found out that we all have exotic features we just have to know how to really make them shine and sometimes it just wearing Chapstick lol great post looking forward to many more

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    1. Yes, definitely, you’re absolutely right! Can’t wait to see more of your posts! xx – Thavi & Kavi

      Liked by 1 person

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