San Fransisco – Lombard St., Golden Gate Bridge & More! | Spring Break 2016

Hey everyone!

So, here’s the second and final post of my San Fransisco adventure over spring break! We visited quite a few of the main attractions such as Lombard Street, Coit Tower, China Town, the Golden Gate Bridge, Land’s End Beach, and Twin Peaks! Read all about the first part here, where I visited Alcatraz and Pier 39!

Our first stop was Lombard Street! We have a Lombard Street here in Portland, and let’s just say they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum. The Lombard Street in San Fransisco is the most crooked/curved street I’ve been on. There are eight hairpin-like turns on the heavily steep road. Honestly, there’s not much to this site other than its crookedness. The houses on the street are absolutely beautiful, splattering the entire street with color and I can’t imagine what the real-estate values are for these houses!

Our next stop was Coit Tower. It’s an approximately 65-meter high tower with beautiful murals painted along the walls of the first floor. Like I said in my last post, Wikipedia would probably do a better job giving you the history of these places, so I’m just going to give you the run down of my impression. The view from the top of the tower was absolutely stunning! You can see the Golden Gate Bridge through the fog, Alcatraz island as well as all the piers. Even though the day looked a little stormy, it did not detract from getting an absolutely spectacular view of the bustling city.

Next on the list was China Town. We didn’t stay here very long, but we stayed long enough to try a few pork buns and custard tarts. We tried the steamed and the baked buns, and I loved it! While I expected them to be savory because that’s how we they’re made back home in Sri Lanka, the sweetness wasn’t overpowering. After a quick stop in China Town, we headed towards Ghirardelli Square, ’cause you know, being chocolate fanatics and all. We wanted to get to the Golden Gate Bridge before the sky started to darken, so we didn’t stay here for too long. But of course, we stayed long enough to be mesmerized by the chocolate factory at the store, and not to mentioned, purchased a few boxes of chocolate (no shame, clearly.)!

Our most exciting stop for the day was the Golden Gate Bridge. As you probably know, it’s one of the most photographed bridge, and it was thought of as the most beautiful bridge when it was first open to the public. We walked along the bridge, almost to the halfway point, and obviously took countless photographs. I don’t usually like to think about the individuals who have taken their lives by jumping off this bridge, but it’s an inevitable thought. The four seconds that takes to hit the water seems short, but for the individual who just took of his/her hands off the railing into the water, it’s a different story, and as I stood there, looking over the railing, I can’t begin to imagine how powerful our actions are. How strong is our mind to convince us that ending our life is a viable option? Before I end, I would like to make a disclaimer that what I’ve just written is purely what I was thinking at the time and as I was walking along the bridge, and it is, in no shape or form, representative of anyone’s views on this subject matter.

Anyway, contemplative moment aside, we went to Land’s End beach. The sun was just about to set, but the fog and stormy skies made it difficult to get a good photograph. We stayed here for a little while and headed to Twin Peaks. Now, if you want to get a great view of the city, I highly recommend this spot. It’s absolutely stunning, especially as the clouds were clearing up a little bit. It’s so peaceful up there as not many people had come to the site, but just below you, you can see the busy streets of San Fransisco. It’s almost as if you’re just a presence, above the busy and bubbly city. We took a few photographs here and headed home because we were so tired after the eventful day.

Thursday was not as busy because we wanted a few days to recoup our energy. We decided to take a stroll in Muir Woods, known famously for their redwood trees. It was pouring when we headed into the woods, and came out absolutely and thoroughly soaked from head to toe (even though we had rain jackets – Portland didn’t prepare us as well as we’d have liked). It wasn’t very cold, but it wasn’t a pleasant feeling to be wet whilst walking around in the woods either. But, we did manage to enjoy the lush greenery around us, and the impossibly tall trees!

Friday was goodbye day and we were sad to leave San Fransisco and the amazing hospitality of our friend and his family. However, school calls, and we headed back to rainy (yet, beautiful) Portland that Friday night. It was a great way to spend my last Spring Break here in the States, and I couldn’t be happier that I got to enjoy a new city with some of my closest friends! However, it won’t be the last time I see The City because I will be going back there after graduation to enjoy a few more days before heading back home to my little island!

San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break

San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring BreakIMG_0429 IMG_0428

San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring BreakSan Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring BreakSan Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring BreakSan Fransisco Spring BreakSan Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring BreakIMG_0592 IMG_0593IMG_0649 San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break IMG_0687 San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break San Fransisco Spring Break

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I’ll be back soon!





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