Zephyr Restaurant and Bar | Sri Lankan Adventures


Hope everyone had a good start to the week. I’m leaving Sri Lanka today to get back to Melbourne. I am now excited to go back! Il miss home a lot but I also love Melbourne.

Anyways, I went to this cafe with my sister after whale watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. I will write a post about that adventure in the coming few days! For now, let me tell you about Zephyr. We were starving after the escapade and wanted some good food. We searched online and found this place was close by and decided to stop by.

I’ll start by saying that the atmosphere was insane! The restaurant is at a beach front and it was just perfect. They had some comfy chairs and bean bags for people to lounge in. I have heard that in the night the whole restaurant changes because they bring out lamps, fairy lights and play some good music. The sea was turquoise blue, sun shining and coconut trees around providing shade and more beauty to the place. You get to enjoy the view of one of the most pristine, clean beaches in Sri Lanka. I’d say it’s a perfect place to hang out with your friends with some ice cold beer and some good food.

The food was divine! We ordered the grilled chili prawn pasta with herbs, grilled tuna with vegetables and caper sauce, jaggery and chili beef tenderloin with mash potato, ‘zephyr’ burger.  It took an hour for the food to arrive which was quite frustrating but the restaurant was full. Even so, service could be faster but the food more than made up for it. I can’t fault anything because everything was top notch. The portion size and prices were all great. They also play such feel good tunes which made it even better and the wait quite easy. I’ll definitely go back if I’m around that area.

Check their Facebook page here.



  mirissa, zephyr, review

zephyr, review, mirissa


We were exhautsed here! haha



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