Chocolate Cheesecake with Maltesers 


This is a super indulgent and easy cheesecake you can make at home when you get the urge or just want something delicious. This recipe is adapted from Sorted Food! Love those 4 guys and credit goes to them for this lovely recipe. They keep it fun and easy. They made mini cheesecakes, and I used the same recipe to make this big one. I changed a few things according to my liking. For example, they use baileys cream and I just used plain heavy cream, only because I didn’t have any baileys cream haha.Trust me when I say they have nailed the recipe and its divine. I made it for my family and they loved it. Good thing about this cheesecake is how easy it was to put it together. Anyways on to the recipe.

Watch Sorted Food video here.


  1. 300 g of cream cheese, at room temperature
  2. 50 g of caster sugar
  3. 100 ml of heavy cream
  4. 200 g of dark chocolate*
  5. 25 g of cubed butter
  6. 150 g any plain chocolate biscuit
  7. 75 g of melted butter
  8. Maltesers

*I used dark chocolate because I prefer it to milk and it’s also a bit healthier.

I used a 9 inch diameter round tin with a removable bottom.


1) Crush the biscuit into slightly, coarse crumbs and add the 75 g of butter and mix well. Add more butter if the crumbs seem a little dry.

2) Press this mix on to the bottom of the tin and make it even by either using your hand or bottom of a spoon and set aside.

3) Break the chocolate into pieces, add the 25 g of cubed butter and melt in the microwave. Do it in a few 30 second rounds. Do this until they melt and combine well and let it cool slightly.

4) While it cools, beat the heavy cream and caster sugar together for 2 minutes or so. Add the cream cheese and beat again until it’s nice and creamy.

5) Beat in the melted chocolate on a low speed.

6) Pour the thick, creamy mixture into the tin, top with chopped maltesers and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.

That’s it! I served it with fresh strawberries because with these kind of cheesecakes I prefer to have something sour to cut across the sweet. Strawberries compliment it well.





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  1. Now this looks yummy! 🙂

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    1. It was absolutely divine! We hope you give it a go! 🙂

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      1. Yes yes, I would definitely ask my better half to make one for me 😀 😀

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