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Hey guys!

It’s finally Friday, not like I’m all that busy but still (haha).  I hope everyone has had a good week. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted lately but I will be posting a few this coming week to make up for it! Anyways on to the review. I have been to this cafe countless times and there is a reason for it. The ambiance is of a typical cafe. It has an outdoor area too. It is usually packed, especially during lunch time. The food has not really disappointed me except for one time I went there for lunch. That was a few years ago so can’t really count that. The last few visits have been good. I will review the last two visits.

The first time, I went with a few friends for dessert two weeks ago. We got the oreo and  nutella cheesecake and key lime pie. The key lime pie was nice and refreshing but the crust was too crumbly. The cheesecake was divine! It was not overly heavy or sweet. I am not a big fan of heavy, rich cheesecakes unless I’m in the mood for it. I usually get their passion fruit cheesecake which is yummy. Its so fresh and tangy. I love it! I just prefer fruity cheesecakes. Their desserts are very good so pop in to try them out if you are in the area.

The next time I went to this cafe was with my mom after a good session at the gym last week. We were both very hungry and hence the big breakfast. We ordered the English Breakfast, Eggs Benedict and a cappuccino. They were delicious! It was all fresh, nicely presented and tasted great. We both enjoyed ourselves over some good conversation and good food. Everything was cooked and seasoned well. The hollandaise sauce served with the eggs benedict was much better than some others I have tried here. The English muffin was soft and toasted just enough so it was easy to cut through. However, the slice of ham was a bit too thin for my liking. Judging by my moms silent devouring, I’d say the English Breakfast was filling and tasty. The price was also reasonable and their staff was attentive and friendly.

Overall, the food was delicious and the coffee and their other beverages I’ve tried are also great! I will definitely be back soon.

Their website doesn’t seem to work at the moment so I will leave their address below.

32, Ward Pl, Colombo, 00700





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