Tea Avenue | Sri Lankan Adventures

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is having a good week! I went to this relatively new cafe last week with a friend who I get to see once a year as she lives in Iowa and I live in Melbourne. We always meet if we are both in the island. We went to this cafe for breakfast. It’s situated on a busy street with other cafes around the area. It is a nice place to hang out with your friends and family.

They have a good selection of teas and milkshakes. Their cookie and cream milkshake is good for those of you who love thick milkshakes. All drinks are served in mason jars. Mason jars have become a thing lately and I love it.

I’ve been here before and had the regular waffles with chocolate sauce and that was pretty good. However this time I wasn’t so satisfied. The food was pretty average. I got the Nutella Royale Waffle and the waffle was not soft and spongy enough. Usually their waffles are good but this time I was a little disappointed. The eggs benedict, to start with, it was served with fries which I found a bit odd. But to each their own so I can overlook that. However the way it was plated was a little messy to eat. It looked like it was meant to be eaten as a sandwich. I have had eggs benedict before and usually they put the egg on top of the ham. There didn’t seem to be much hollandaise sauce as well. The overall taste of the dish was not too bad. On a positive note, the iced green tea Mojito was amazing! It tasted fresh but it could do with a little more mint but it was good.  The last time I was at this cafe I tried their lasagna and that was delicious. The price and ambiance is great with friendly staff!

Check their website here.




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