Tilt Portland, OR


As if you couldn’t tell, I have a unexplainable attraction to burgers. This may be why half of the places I eat have some type of burger on the menu, and I can assure you that I’d order it. Burgers just have everything, you know? The carbs, the meat, the veggies (I need to find a way to get my five a day), and some house sauce that takes the whole burger experience to another level. So, it comes with no surprise that I’m sitting here, writing my review of Tilt down in the industrial district.

Tilt boasts a very laid back yet gourmet vibe. Situated in an ideal area, it’s pretty much packed throughout the entire day. And I can see why, great burgers and local craft beer makes it an attractive place for the lunch patrons or those coming in after work. The layout is simple, with long tables and benches or bar stools to sit and enjoy while you involve yourself in some great conversations. Inspired by the blue collar workers, the whole place has a self-serve feel to it. You place your oder, get it at the counter when it’s ready, and clean up after yourself. Even more interestingly, napkins come in the form of rags (yes, rags) and you get served on metal trays as opposed to plates. And I love it!

Now lets get to the food. I’ve ordered both, the Groundhog and the Non-Union Club. The Groundhog is a special burger to me, with a thick chuck patty, bacon, grilled bacon honey mushrooms, and topped with swiss cheese, you can’t go wrong with it. I even have to tie my hair back to eat it. You know it’s going to be a good burger when you have to tie your hair before you devour it. It’s messy (the good kind of messy), it’s delicious, and it’s everything you’d ever want in a significant other (okay, maybe not, but you know what I mean). The Club is a classic chicken sandwich. But there’s nothing ordinary about it. With the grilled chicken, sweet ham, bacon, topped with avocado, lettuce, onion and the works with melted swiss cheese, it’ll take you to the heavens and back. And don’t get me started on their fries. Alright, they’re like every other plate of fries, but their house fry sauce just makes absolutely mouthwatering. The sauce as a spicy kick to it mixed with some herbs, and it’s the perfect companion to the golden fries.

I’ve been here a couple of times, and will continue to do so because there’s no going back once you try their burgers! If you’re in the area, it’s definitely a place to go!

Tilt Portland, OR Tilt Portland, ORTilt Portland, OR IMG_7832 copy Tilt Portland, OR




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