Forever 21 & Boohoo Lookbook Behind the Scenes!

Hello everyone!

You guys have no idea what we went through to get the few photographs you saw on our first lookbook posts! Since we promised a bloopers post, here it is! We’ll have to refrain from mentioning the places we attempted to shoot at as we don’t want to get on their bad side and deal with management (because we quite enjoy going there on occasion for dinners and what not). Anyway, let’s get on with the embarrassment! 

We wanted to get an early start so we wouldn’t sweat all of our makeup off, and by early we were thinking 6am. Given that Thavi and I were still a little jet lagged, we thought we could do it (and we roped our photographer, Kanishka, into agreeing with us as long as we rewarded him with butter beer after). I don’t even know why we agreed to this because even after 20+ years of knowing each other, we still believed that we were proactive humans who could function before sunrise. We’re funny that way, haha. So, clearly that didn’t work out, and we postponed it to around noon. Now this was a bad idea, too. If you’re from the tropics or have been there, stepping outside at noon is a curse just by itself, especially if you’re in a humid area, too. But hey, apparently we were rightly functioning so we did end up shooting at noon. Also, Kanishka mentioned the great lighting the sun would give us, so naturally we had to agree (logical, right?). Right.

We headed out to location X (yeah, we also like to be cryptic) and Kanishka got the big guns (i.e. his massive camera with too many buttons and gadgets) and we set up camp by a table. We were obviously not going to free load off of the place, so we were also in the midst of thinking what to order for drinks and even lunch. But of course, just as Kanishka was working on setting up his camera, a security guard sauntered over and gave us the “you have to clear this with management” talk. We tried to fight it (in a friendly way), but she wasn’t having any of it. So, we walked towards this makeshift office by the side to get a permit. The gentleman working there gave us a rather sour once over and pretty much disregarded us. We couldn’t get him to give us a permit because we had to talk to the media group who runs this place, and the place was about 30 minutes away from us. Giving up, we decided to go to location Y.

We sweet talked the security guard there to give us some choice photographic areas at location Y and got on his good side to take some photographs. Mind you, we were also under the impression that we could take photographs there, too (as the guard said so himself). Good thing for anonymity because we didn’t get his name and we wouldn’t want to throw him under the bus. We’re good people, you know? Haha. Anyway, we found a great place, and started shooting. We were being super discreet because we didn’t want to take any chances and get kicked out again. But of course, our karma wasn’t that good as we got caught again and ended up on the wrong side of the tracks with management. Again. We were so defeated that we just sat in the car absorbing rejection and on the verge of giving up. Then, Thavi turned her brain on and thought of our cousins’s house! It was a such a lightbulb idea because her house look like a boutique hotel and so we headed there.

The rest of the day wasn’t as eventful as the start, because we got to take our time photographing our outfits (we also raided our cousins refrigerator). The rest of the bloopers and behind the scenes are best described through photographs, so here we go!

Boohoo and Forever 21 bloopers Boohoo and Forever 21 bloopers Boohoo and Forever 21 bloopers Boohoo and Forever 21 bloopers Boohoo and Forever 21 bloopers Boohoo and Forever 21 bloopers

Boohoo and Forever 21 bloopers

Boohoo and Forever 21 bloopersBoohoo and Forever 21 bloopers

We hope you guys enjoyed our embarrassing story and photographs! Clearly we have no shame! We’ll be back soon!


Thavi & Kavi

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