Commons Cafe | Sri Lankan Adventures

Hey everyone!

Now this place is pretty popular among high school kids, office crowd and families. It serves up some delicious food. I have been here a few times and I don’t think I have ever been disappointed.It is usually crowded which is a sign people love the food.I have tried a few dishes and they have all been delicious. Just when you enter you have couches to lounge on and tables as well. They have a variety of food. Ranging from breakfast feast, pastas, waffles, sandwiches/wraps, seafood, meat, rice dishes and for anyone who wants a healthy option, they have that too! They also have a large selection of different types of burgers and a rotti cart. I’m yet to try that but from what I hear it’s amazing.

We got the lasagna, mongolian rice and chicken wrap. The rice had the perfect balance of spice and they give chili paste with it for those of you who like more of a kick. The lasagna was quite good too with a good amount of beef in it. We were very satisfied with the food. The portion size is pretty big and it’s an explosion of flavours in your mouth. It is however quite pricey but I think it’s worth it. The service was great too.

Check their website here.




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