The Bavarian | Sri Lankan Adventures


One of the best things I love about Colombo is the versatility in food options. From local cuisine to international, there’s always something to try. The Bavarian on Galle Road has been one of my favorites for a while now. I love the pub-like atmosphere. It’s a German restaurant at the heart of Colombo with the sea only a minutes walk away and international hotels surrounding the restaurant in every direction. The bar is usually crowded, even on weekdays since many foreigners patronize the place. We went on a Monday night and we barely found seating! The atmosphere is lively, and the food is just as great! The prices depend on what you order, obviously. However, it will probably burn a hole in your pocket if you keep eating there every day. It’s all about finding a happy medium!

I went with a couple of friends and ordered the  chicken and noodle soup, braised lamb, and the pork knuckle. The soup just a starter, but the highlight were the meaty mains. The pork was cooked to a golden crispy texture, all the while succulent in the middle. And with a side of mash, it was the perfect way to end a Monday night! The lamb, too, was absolutely divine. With garlic and rosemary topping the meat and a sweet and tarty salad, it was a perfect slice of goodness. So, it was no surprise that we devoured everything and barely had room for dessert.This place is definitely a place to visit if anyone happens to be on the island! A German restaurant on an island? Why not?Bavarian Colombo Sri Lanka

IMG_8597 Bavarian Colombo Sri Lanka Bavarian Colombo Sri Lanka Bavarian Colombo Sri Lanka




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