New Years Eve | Sri Lankan Adventures

Hello and happy 2016!

We have so much planned for the upcoming year for the blog and can’t wait to set things in motion! We hope you guys had a great start to the year and it’ll be your best year yet! To celebrate the New Year, we headed down to Negambo (along the west coast of the island) along with some of our friends and cousins. It was our first time out of Colombo for New Years and we were absolutely stoked to be celebrating with some of the people we love. We started driving mid afternoon, and shall we take a moment to appreciate the fact that there was an expressway from Colombo to Negambo? The trip only took us about an hour and a half, and we reached our destination at Don’s Beach Hotel. We weren’t looking for a expensive place to stay since we would be bar hopping the whole night. We just needed a place to leave our things.

We started the night off with some improvised cocktails. We got the rum, tequila, juice, soda, and everything else for a few mojitos and tequila sunrises. Despite having no past experiences as bartenders, we were pretty satisfied with the execution of our drink making skills. It might also be because we had absolutely no standards, haha! A couple of cocktails later, we got dressed and headed out for dinner and dancing. We started our night at Rodeo Pub just a couple of minutes away from where we were staying. We ordered the seafood platter and batter-fried calamari as starters for the night. The pub was packed with oldie music booming around the place. We laughed, danced a little, and had great conversation.

Nearing the midnight mark we went into Serendib a couple of blocks away. It’s a restaurant set on the beach and a dance floor in and outside. We ordered plate after plate of food since we were just running on cocktails and a couple of shots. We played a hilarious game of drunk charades, which I think caught the attention of half of the patrons and even gave them a few chuckles.

As midnight approached, we made our way to the dance floor. We were the only ones rocking out to the ABBA songs. We were carefree and having the time of our lives, and people started coming up to the floor to dance along with us. Talk about a dance revolution? Okay, maybe not, haha. Midnight struck and we hugged and kissed and danced a little more till around 2am. We barely made it to the hotel and after about two hours of sleep, we got up to see the sunrise. However, in our drunk state, we forgot that that sun rises on the east and we were on the west (smart thinking on our part, clearly!). Yet, it was still beautiful as no one was on the beach, and it was quite scenic with a few rays hitting the turquoise water. After walking around we headed for a heavy breakfast as we were functioning on minimal food and alcohol (no complaints, though!)

After saying our goodbyes to the friendly staff we headed back to Colombo. We had a wonderful time, and the love and laughter surrounding us made it a great New Years Eve!
New Years Eve | Sri Lankan Adventures! Negambo
New Years Eve | Sri Lankan Adventures! Negambo  New Years Eve | Sri Lankan Adventures! Negambo
New Years Eve | Sri Lankan Adventures! Negambo  New Years Eve | Sri Lankan Adventures! Negambo
New Years Eve | Sri Lankan Adventures! Negambo  New Years Eve | Sri Lankan Adventures! Negambo
New Years Eve | Sri Lankan Adventures! NegamboNew Years' Eve Sri Lanka New Years Eve Sri Lanka


Thavi & Kavi

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  1. Hope you all had an awesome time here!! Happy New Year btw 🙂

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    1. Yes we did! Hope you did too! And a happy new year! – Thavi & Kavi

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