Koggala/Ahangama | Sri Lankan Adventures


It is still hard to believe that it is 2016, but happy 2016! Here’s hoping this year is gonna be filled with love, happiness, adventure, and achievements. We celebrated New Year a little different by going out station to Negambo. You can read all about it here.

After that eventful new years eve and 1st of January, we decided to head down south of the country towards Ahangama  the next day! Let’s just say we were quite tired but we are always up for a new adventure so we were very excited to get on the road. It was not easy to coordinate 14 people but we managed to get a pretty early start. It took us a little less than 2 hours to reach our destination which was South Lake Resort. The drive there was beautiful with the stretch of ocean. It was a day trip so we just booked one room to keep our things.

It was really hot that day so the pool looked inviting. We decided to lather ourselves in sunscreen (we all ended up tanning anyways) and get into the cool water. We started getting hungry after a while so we got some French fries and stir  fried calamari and prawns. The seafood was the best! Seafood is one of the things Kavi and I both miss a lot. It felt really good to dig in and eat the spicy seafood. We had a typical Sri Lankan lunch and rested a while.

In the evening, the kids (I say kids but we are all 20+ years! Haha) decided to venture out to see and take a dip at Jungle Beach. This beach was so beautiful! Unfortunately when we got there it started to rain so we couldn’t experience the full beauty of this beach. However, the rain didn’t stop us from going in to the water and enjoying ourselves. Once we were done we had to climb up this road with lots of big rocks and in the dark which was not easy but it was a laugh! We all rushed to the hotel to freshen up and left Koggala. On the way back we stopped at a small street food restaurant to have some rotti with curry and some hot tea.

This short but amazing day trip was just what we all needed, away from our daily lives in Colombo. We always have fun when our families and friends get together and this was no exception!

 IMG_8541 Ahangama/Koggala, Sri Lanka Ahangama/Koggala, Sri Lanka Ahangama/Koggala, Sri Lanka Ahangama/Koggala, Sri Lanka Ahangama/Koggala, Sri Lanka

Thavi and Kavi

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