Ceylon Tea Moments | Sri Lankan Adventures

Hey everyone!

We are continuing to check out new cafes and restaurants back home and I started with a place I’v been to a few times. This cafe is relatively new and situated in a very popular area. It is the type of cafe you can hang out with friends and family. It is pretty cool and has a good selection of food. It’s called Tea Moments so the array of different types of teas and drinks available is quite extensive. You can also purchase tea leaves. The soup was pumpkin and spinach and according to my friend it was delicious. I tried the Sri Lankan Lamprais. It was pretty average. However, for the price I’d say it was pretty good and nicely presented in the banana leaf which is how it is traditionally served. It had the right flavours but it was lacking in some aspects of the dish. The triple chocolate mouse was plated in an attractive way but for me there wasn’t enough chocolate in it. It tasted pretty good but it needed more punch. Overall, it was a pleasant visit.

It is a decent place with good food and ambiance. Check their website here




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