Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Hello again!

Before I begin saying anything, MERRY CHRISTMAS! It’s the 25th here on the island, so you can’t fault me! I hope you guys are having/had a lovely time with friends and family.

Anyway, as I am away from the hectic workload of college, I have a little more time to focus on blogging, and coming up with more looks for you guys! New Years Eve is just around the corner and if you’re in the mood to play up your eyes, this look might just be for you! It’s a gorgeous smokey eye with a golden shimmer in the center. It gives a beautiful halo-effect on the eyes. Since gold (and black) are such versatile colors, it’ll most likely pair with whatever you decide to wear on the 31st! Anyway, let’s get on to the tutorial!

*By the way, I apologize for the change in lighting throughout this post! I was using natural light from my window, and the sun kept popping in and out from the clouds! Also, I finally threaded my eyebrows! Ah, it has been too long since they’ve been groomed!

  1. As you guys know, I forgot my primer, and I’m looking for one here. Until then, I used the Rimmel Soft Kohl Kahal Eye Pencil in white all over the lid, and set it with a matte white shadow from the Matte Palette from Love & Beauty.Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial
  2. I used the maroon-brown color from the same matte palette and used it as a transitional color. I used it on the crease, but focusing it more on the outer corner, because the we will be concentrating most of the black eyeshadow there.Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial
  3. I used an angled brush from ELF and made a “V” shape on the outer corner of my eye so I know where to concentrate the black shadow. This is a great way to create a clean winged look with your eyeshadow.Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial
  4. I filled in the “V” shape and smudged it with the transition and white matte colors.Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial
  5. I used a single gold pot shadow from Profusion and used an eyeshadow brush to pack it on the center of my lid, and blended it with the black on the outer corner.Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial
  6. I took the black along the the crease (over the gold) all the way to the tear duct. This creates the halo effect as the gold is surrounded by the black. Then I blended the black with the transitional color. Black is a hard color to blend, guys, so keep at it! It’ll really bring the look together!Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup TutorialGold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial
  7. I added more gold to the center to make it pop, and have it stand out. I also used a small blending brush to blend the edges of the gold with the black around it. Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial
  8. I I used my NYC liquid liner in black to draw a winged liner. Next, I used the same angled brush I used to apply the black along my lower lash line for more of a smokey effect. Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial
  9. I added my Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara to thicken and darken my lashes. You can totally use falsies if you want to intensify the look, but I couldn’t find mine! I really hope I packed it!Gold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup TutorialGold Smokey New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Anyway, that’s it! This will look great with a nude lip, or you can be as bold as pulling a red lip. Dress this look with whatever you want!

I hope you guys have a great end of the year and be surrounded by everything that makes you happy! 2015 has been a great year for me with ups and downs, and here’s to a fabulous 2016. I’m sure I’ll be posting more before the end of the year, but this post feels like a good one to include all these final words for the year, haha!



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