Rama’s Tea House | Sri Lankan Adventures


I am so excited to be back in Colombo for a couple of weeks! It has been a brutal semester and not to mention, this tropical girl is not cut out for cold winters! I’ve been in and around Colombo meeting friends and family, and I came across Rama’s Tea House. It’s in Kotte (just out of Colombo) and we decided to try it. There weren’t very many people because we came on a work night and quite late in the evening, too. The ambience was decent, with soft radio music playing. There were dining chairs as well as corner lounge chairs for larger crowds. I absolutely loved the decorations; the entrance walls were covered with tea pots and bags of different teas.

We] ordered their most popular item on the menu: traditional fish and chips. And we also got a taste of their butter beer and Chai Masala. For the price, I won’t complain, but I felt as if the fish and chips needed a touch more salt and flavor. However, they were fried to a beautiful golden color, just like the chips. I think the highlight of the night was the butter beer. I would easily come back just to try it! It’s sweet like Italian soda with the foamy vanilla ice cream on top all swirled with butterscotch syrup. Delish! Would I go back again? Yeah, why not. Maybe I’ll be more impressed by the rest of the offerings on the menu, but I’m certainly not taking away any merit from the food we tried. It’s a decent place to grab a quick bite while catching up with friends or family!

Rama's Tea house Colombo Rama's Tea house Colombo Rama's Tea house Colombo Rama's Tea house Colombo Rama's Tea house Colombo



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