N2 Gelato, MEL

Hey everyone!

Who doesn’t love some good ice cream on a hot summer day! Leaving the house feels like entering a sauna these days. For once I’m actually glad weather in Melbourne is unpredictable and you tend to feel the weather of all 4 seasons in a day. It’s true! So thankfully we get some cold weather from time to time. 

Anyways Nitro gelato is awesome. You can see it being made and they are wearing lab coats and glasses so it kind of feels like you are part of a science experiment. They have creative flavours. I have tried Nutella and hazel nut and Golden gay time crunch which comes with a syringe so it’s kind of fun to play around with too! You get a good amount of ice cream per serve and every spoonful is heaven in your mouth. I’m probably going to go back and try more flavours!

Try it out!

Website here



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