Soft Fall Makeup: Everyday Gold Smokey Eye

Hello, everyone!

I’m so excited to share this makeup look with you! I’ve been wearing it quite a lot recently and I’ve gotten so many compliments about this look! It’s a soft gold smokey eye. It’s toned down so it’s not a flash of color on your eyes you can easily put together for a night out or a day time occasion! Let’s get right to it!

  1. As always, prime your lids. This time, I used the MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot. It’s a little bit on the expensive side, but the ELF shadow lock that I’ve been using works great too!
  2. I used a matte white all as an all-over-the-lids color to even out my skin tone.Soft Rose Gold Smokey Makeup
  3. Then I used the soft rose gold from the L.A. Colors Playful Palette on my crease as a transitional color. Soft Rose Gold Smokey Makeup
  4. Next, I took a matte black and created a precise smokey eye on the outer corner of my eye. Since I don’t use tape anymore, I used an old credit card to draw the shape and blended it with an ELF blending brush.Soft Rose Gold Smokey Makeup
  5. I used the warm gold in the Almost Nude palette from L.A. colors all over the eyelid and smudged it well with the matte black.Soft Rose Gold Smokey Makeup
  6. To get a little more color, I used a matte pink/purple over the gold used previously to pink it out a little.Soft Rose Gold Smokey Makeup
  7. The pink overwhelmed the gold, so I used a little more of the gold used from the Almost Nude palette over the matte pink/purple.IMG_7381
  8. I used my trusty L.A. colors black liquid liner to draw a very thin winged look. I used the matte pink/purple and gold combination underneath my lower lash line to give it a more smokey look. Then I coated my lashes with mascara and voila! It’s done!Soft Rose Gold Smokey Makeup Soft Rose Gold Smokey Makeup

I hope you guys enjoy this look and I’ll see you very soon!



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