Killer Burger Portland, OR

After a relaxing evening with some of my friends, we decided to head in to town to grab a quick burger before the night ended. We were scouring the web trying to find an inexpensive place to fill our satisfaction when we found Killer Burger! Located in NE Portland, it’s a small corner pub that can be easily missed, but to everyone who has tasted the deliciousness they cook there, it’s hard to forget the place!

We all ordered the Fun Guy burgers and enjoyed the ambience. The only part that didn’t suit me very well was how loud the music was. It was quite difficult to hear when people were talking. This is not to say that the rest wasn’t great, because it was! Our food came relatively fast and let me tell you, it was just downright delicious! The patty was cooked to perfection with crispy bacon, grilled onions, and everything mouthwatering. The portions were massive too! I could barely finish my burger and didn’t even make a dent in my fries. Add to that, they offer bottomless fries with every order! It was such a great place with reasonable priced deliciousness and I will definitely be going there again before the week ends!

Click here to visit their website!



IMG_7145Killer Burger Portland, OR

Killer Burger Portland, OR

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