Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial!


My friends and I are heading in to town for dinner tonight, and I really wanted a shimmery eye for the outing. I’m thinking of wearing a white dress with purple heels, and thought this purple and silver eyeshadow look will pair very well with my outfit! It’s a beautiful smokey eye for a night out and it was quite simple to achieve this look! I know this is quite similar to my  Love and Beauty (Forever 21) Matte Eyeshadow Palette Tutorial! but this look is more shimmery with a pop of silver, which is great for an evening look! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this look!

  1. As usual, prime your eyes. I used the ELF shadow lock primer.Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial
  2. I used a neutral beige color from the Love & Beauty matte eyeshadow palette to even out my skin tone.Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial
  3. I used the darkest purple in the L.A. Colors Playful palette on my crease and a little below the crease line. I used a blending brush (From Wet n Wild) to blend this out. Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial
  4. I used the dark matte purple in the Love & Beauty matte eyeshadow palette over the L. A. Colors purple to intensify it. I looks quite messy now, but I’ll be cleaning up this look later on.Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial
  5. I used the matte brown in the ELF Beautiful Browns quad to darken the outer corner. This gave the look some depth and dimension.Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial
  6. I used a silvery white shimmery eyeshadow from the Playful palette and then used a little bit of the white in the Haute Palette from L.A. Colors and blended with the purple to merge all the colors together.IMG_7094
  7. I cleaned up the outer corner with a Q-tip and some baby oil (you can use a makeup remover as well) to give a precise cat eye look. Then, I drew a thin free-hand winged liner using my trusty L.A. Colors black liquid eyeliner.IMG_7102
  8. Before applying mascara I realized that the outer corner could use a little bit more depth, so added some matte black from the Love & Beauty matte eyeshadow palette. Then I added a coat of mascara to the bottom and top lashes! Before finishing off the look I added the matte black to the bottom lash line to smoke the look a little more! Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial Purple & Silver Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

And that is it, guys! Once again, I hope you guys enjoy this look and have a great time creating it!



4 Comments Add yours

    1. Thank you! xx
      – Thavi & Kavi


  1. Arielle says:

    Such a gorgeous eyelook! You are so talented ❤


    1. Thank you so much! This made me so happy! ❤
      – Kavi


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