Christie’s Portland, OR


I mentioned in a previous post that I am currently having a week off from school, and this has given me plenty of time to devour delicious food! I’ve never gone out for brunch here (yes, you heard that right!) and my friend decided to take me out for Sunday brunch in order to rectify such an abomination! The first place that came to mind was Christie’s!

I’ve seen the quaint little restaurant whilst driving to and from college so we decided to head over there! There were booths with colorful curtains and larger tables for family gatherings towards the back of the restaurant. There were stools and islands for individuals with a rack of fresh pastries up by the register. The place was pretty full with young families with children to college students to adorable old couples! The menu, while short, was jam packed with so many options that I had to sent the waiter away twice because I couldn’t make up my mind! But, I ended up ordering the blueberry pancakes with hazelnuts an my friend ordered the corned beef hash and eggs.with a serving of chocolate chip pancakes and whipped cream. It was an indulgent brunch to say the least, and I couldn’t even finish my food because the portions were pretty large. I absolutely love how cozy the place was, because the weather outside was gloomy and dark. To anyone who’s interested in going to Christie’s, I highly recommend it!

Click here for their website!



Christie's Portland, OR Christie's Portland, ORChristie's Portland, OR Christie's Portland, OR Christie's Portland, OR

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