The Meat & Wine Co

Hello everyone!

Now this place is good for anyone who loves their meat! I went to this restaurant to celebrate a friends birthday and it was a perfect evening. This place is a fancy, fine dining style restaurant. I suggest dressing up a little. The atmosphere is amazing and you can see the kitchen so you get a look at how they cook the food. It is quite pricey. It’s a nice place for a big gathering, business meetings, family (they have a kid’s menu) or a fancy date! Now, let’s talk about the most interesting part, the food!

They have a good variety of meats available (even Kangaroo for anyone who wants to try). The beverage menu, especially the wine list is impeccable. We ordered the pork and beef ribs. Let me tell you, the pork ribs were some of the best I’ve had! It’s succulent and perfectly cooked and so were the beef ribs. The meat just comes right off the bone and the glaze was sticky and complemented the meat well. Who doesn’t love that! They were served with a side of creamy mashed potato and fries.  This was shared among 3 people and you can see why from the pictures.

I would recommend this place to all the meat lovers! Definitely book ahead because I have tried to make a reservation for dinner a couple of hours beforehand and failed to get a table!

They have a few locations in Melbourne and Sydney as well. Click here for their website!



12165909_882368778507039_1046743947_n Meat & Wine Co, Melbourne, Australia

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