Foster Burger Portland, OR


It is past midnight here in Portland, but I just came to my room after spending an entire day with friends! The night started off with a friend and I stopping by at Foster Burger in SE Portland before getting our pumpkins to decorate for Halloween. My friend had high reviews about Foster Burger and after my experience, I just HAD to write my review!

I absolutely loved the place! It was quite far from where I live but that was the only downside. The place is quite easy to miss because it is not brightly lit during the night, but the inside was lively as any pub. The inside was covered in posters and flyers of bands that played in Portland and it gave the place such a colorful vibe. It was a typical diner-style seating with boots and red-checkered table cloths over tables. We were immediately seated and our orders came not even 10 minutes after! I ordered the Foster Burger whilst my friend ordered the Double Foster. We also got a large (and let me tell you, it was LARGE) serving of truffle fried with squid ink! :et’s just pause there shall we? YES. I did say squid ink! Before you get iffy about it, let me tell you that I was too! And I was quite reluctant to try it out! However…it was absolutely delicious! It has a salty taste, but not too much and it is  thick and creamy. It has no fishy taste either, so that’s always a plus point! So of course, it perfectly complimented the fries! The place is really affordable, and while the menu may seem limited, the add ons give it a lot of variety! I would highly recommend it for anyone! From families to men and women interested in the latest football game were there! And if you’re 21+ there’s a great selection of drinks to choose from! It’s definitely a place I’ll be visiting again soon!

Click here for their website!

KaviFoster Burger Portland, OR Foster Burger Portland, OR Foster Burger Portland, OR Foster Burger Portland, OR Foster Burger Portland, OR Foster Burger Portland, OR

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