Mama Mia Trattoria Portland, OR


Thavi and I decided to add some variety to this blog and add in our adventures! This is my first of many Adventures in Portland series, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

So, about two weeks ago, my friend celebrated her 21st birthday! Her amazing family came down and we had an absolute blast celebrating it. It was a weekend long celebration and whilst I got behind with my work, IT WAS SO FRIGGIN’ WORTH IT. One of the best parts was going down town for dinner.

We did our hair, makeup, put some heels and decked out in accessories and dresses (so did the men!) and headed out to the evening Portland weather. We drove down to the Mama Mia Trattoria and devoured a good share of Italian cuisine. I love Italian food. Why? ‘Cause I’m a carb lover! The food was absolutely exceptional! I went for something I could actually pronounce on the menu: lasagna and let me tell you, guys, I was not disappointed. The food came ridiculously fast and it was in our stomach before we could even blink. The atmosphere was so cozy and inviting yet there was a touch of elegance with chandeliers reflecting off black and red walls. I would totally recommend it to anyone who’d love some heavenly Italian cuisine with the perfect balance of homeliness and elegance!

Click here to visit their website!


KaviMama Mia Trattoria Portland, OR Mama Mia Trattoria Portland, OR  IMG_2131

IMG_6788 copy
Birthday girl in all her gorgeousness (pictured second from left).

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