Dusky Pink & Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hello hello!

I was craving a colorful eyeshadow look for a night a few days ago, and decided on a pink/purple shimmer eyes to match a baby pink dress I was going to wear that night! By no means am I a professional/qualified makeup artist, but I’ve learned a few tricks by watching a ridiculous amount of makeup tutorials and decided to have a go at it! I used all drugstore makeup (including brushes!) so I hope you guys enjoy!

1) I started off with taping the sides of my eyes at an angle toward my temples. This gave a guide for the shadows (and the eyeliner at the end). I don’t usually use tape because the skin around the eyes is sensitive, so try to use the edge of an old credit card. But, take your time here, guys ’cause this is the base for your eyeshadow. I made sure to stick the tape on to my hand a couple of times to take away the tackiness first so it barely even stuck to my skin. I used a primer as well to stop creasing. The Elf Shadow Lock Eyeshadow Primer is the absolute bomb! It retails for US$2 (I believe), and it keeps your eyeshadow looking fresh and on point!

Dusky Pink & Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial
Step 1

2) Next, I used the the dark dusky pink/purple from the L.A. Colors Trendy Palette all over the eyelid with an ELF Professional Eyeshadow Brush.

Dusky Pink & Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial
Step 2

3) I blended the dusky pink/purple with the lid color from ELF Beautiful Brown’s eyeshadow palette. This was the transitional color used. I used an ELF Professional Blending Brush for this.

Dusky Pink & Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial
Step 3

4) I sprayed an angled ELF Defining Eye Brush with the ELF setting mist and mixed the line color in the ELF Tantalizing Taupe shadow palette with the shimmery purple in L.A. Colors Haute Palette on the outer corner of the eye.

Dusky Pink & Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial
Step 4

5) I used another Elf Blending brush and blended the dusky color with the purple. I realized that the purple did not give the definition and depth I wanted, so I decided to add a touch of matte black shadow and blended again! Black is a hard color to blend, so keep going at it, guys! As with any eyeshadow look, blending is the key! I also added a touch of a shimmery peach/pink color from the L.A. Colors Haute Palette to give the dusky pink a pop.

Dusky Pink & Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial
Step 5

6) Now comes the fun part..eyeliner! I used the NYC liquid eyeliner in black. The tape works as a great guide to get a precise winged look. Follow the line of the tape and create another connecting 1/3  toward the inner corner of the eye and color it in. Then follow the eyeliner along the lash line to finish the look. (As you can see the tape helps eliminate any mishaps!)

Dusky Pink & Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial
Step 6

7) Now to reveal your masterpiece…take the tape off and remove any fall out around the eye. Then run your eyeshadow brush along the bottom lash line with the dusky pink and add a coat of mascara! I used the Wet N Wild Mega Volume mascara! 

Dusky Pink & Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

Dusky Pink & Purple Eyeshadow Tutorial

So that’s the final look, guys! Finish this off with your favorite foundation and I added a touch of matte pink lipstick to complete the look!

I hope you guys enjoyed this!



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